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Info shemales Madrid (English)
« en: 13 Septiembre 2009, 16:01 »
Hi colleges,

I am visiting Madrid in a few days and are very interested in finding "Trannycallejeros", but my Spanish skills is not good enough to understand all your postings.
I will be renting a car, so traveling around will not be a problem.

If you could please tell me:
- on which streets can I find trannies (young and good looking....). Please give street names as I will use my GPS. If you also can tell me very to find young girls on the street I would appreciate it.
- at what time (from ?? o´clock to ?? o´clock)?
- what is the normal price for a blowjob with/without condom?
- will it be possible to bring a tranny back to my hotel?
- is there any danger involved in picking up trannies?
- is the police a problem? Is picking up trannies (or girls) illegal?

Also if you could tell me one or two good clubs to meet trannies.....

I would appreciate your answers - here in the forum or as a message.

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Re: Some help in English?
« Respuesta #1 en: 28 Enero 2010, 20:34 »
Hi there,

I'm so sorry you haven't got any answer on this. I'm afraid I can't help you as I use to go to privates, I don't like neither street nor clubs, so I strongly recommend you to visit any of them, you can be sure you're going to enjoy a lot. Let my suggest you some of the most recommended here

anyway, if you finally decide to pick up one at the street bear in mind that is absolutely legal (in Madrid), you just need to be identified in case of being requested by the police (passport i.e) and you won't have any problem. In adition, I'd recommend you center of Madrid (Ruben Dario st, Fortuny st ... this area) as it's definitely more secure than others (and quality uses to be higher as well).


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principiante Madrid - please reccommend
« Respuesta #2 en: 08 Octubre 2010, 14:56 »
Hello guys,

sorry, my spanish is too bed, could you help anyone?

I will be staying in madrid mid of october and i would like to have my first experience. Could you reccommend any with good service?

is it better to call for escort or go to some club?

Thank You

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Foreigner in Madrid : who do you suggest ?
« Respuesta #3 en: 15 Diciembre 2011, 14:27 »
Hi, I'm very sorry to write in English. My spanish is very bad and I don't understand most of the articles here. I will be in Madrid 2 days next week and wanted to ask which TS you would advice to me? I'm looking for a feminine TS, nice and friendly, activ & passiv, not too big d.. Hope you can help me in English (ou en francais).
Bonjour, je vous écris en français car je ne parle pas bien l'espagnol, je ne comprends pas ce qui a été écris ici. Je serai à Madrid 2 jours la semaine prochaine et je demandes vos conseils.  Je cherche une TS, très féminine, sympathique, activ & passiv, pas trop grand b... J'espère que vous pouvez m'aider en français (or in English).
Rob from Luxemburg

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Re: Foreigner in Madrid : who do you suggest ?
« Respuesta #4 en: 15 Diciembre 2011, 17:54 »
We suggest that you put at first an AVATAR  on you posts(it's easy,you only need to click on your profile and go to the settings),once you have done this we will inform you about TS dating in Madrid,but it will be very advisable for you that before you come to Spain you start to learn some spanish,because,as I said before:THIS IS ESPAÑA!!! >esp>

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Re: Foreigner in Madrid : who do you suggest ?
« Respuesta #5 en: 15 Diciembre 2011, 17:59 »
Ok. I would suggest, you try this one.

or another I can recommend you, is this one

maybe a little bit more passiv than activ is this one, but very very femenine

Esos culitos me tienen loco.............

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Re: Foreigner in Madrid : who do you suggest ?
« Respuesta #6 en: 15 Diciembre 2011, 20:59 »
get an avatar, it is mandatory for participating as stated inthe forum rules.

maybe you already know, but just in case... if you use google chrome as web browser you can get evereything translated in real time.

milu is one of the most seasoned experts in madrid participating in the forum, so take good consideration of his proposals. additionally you can check the trans directories in, or searching for 'travesti'.

maybe you can tell us about the shemale escort scene in luxembourg? web pages where they can be found, prices, etc... or you have to go to trier for these things?

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Re: Foreigner in Madrid : who do you suggest ?
« Respuesta #7 en: 15 Diciembre 2011, 21:46 »
I´m not that expert..............well give all the above mentioned girls a call........and after that you may decide which one would you like to try in order to satisfy your personal feelings.

Sometimes after a little chat with the tgirl we do make up our mind. It´s my case. Not only nice photos or nice opinions do give me the whole picture of the girl.

Cheers and enjoy yourself

Do not forget to dial the area code for Spain (+34) and the mobile number of the tgirl in the ad.
Esos culitos me tienen loco.............

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