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Juliana Squirt - Toronto
« en: 24 Septiembre 2013, 16:11 »
HARD FAST FUCKING is what Juliana is all about.

Telf. 430 8793110. Keep in mind except for when I travel and plan, seeing any type of SP is usually a last minute thing. Juliana answered my call and was available in 45 minutes which worked for me. So off to the bathroom to clean my hershey highway and off I go.
Got there on time but she needed 15 minutes to get ready and prep. She was all over the texting me and politely asked me to wait which is what I did.
Juliana is polite, tries really hard, and has a really good attitude. She currently has no permanent place to live and told me she is saving $$ for "my new boobies"
A few light kisses here and there, which included some LFK but no real DFK.
It started with a short decent BBBJ for me, not bad by any means, but not great, just average. Then I gave her some BBBJ. She was hard before I started, and I imagine I am not that good at it, but WTF, she seemed OK with my efforts and face fucked me for a while making me gag which I do easily. I am not good with cock sizes, but I will say she had as big a dick as I have seen in my short time at this type of hobbying. Small head, but gets to be thicker once you are past the head. Somewhere around 6-7" and very respectable in the diameter department. Again, this is comparing to girls I have seen, and myself. I am by no means a cock expert to any degree.
Started with me hanging my ass off the end of the bed. She went in really fast and deep and initially gave me some pain, but it was the type of pain I took and encouraged. About 5 minutes and she does me mish on the bed for 2 minutes, then stands up, pulls me to the edge of the bed and pounds the living shit out of me in MPOS the whole time my ass is on the edge of the bed, including her holding my legs straight up balls deep on every stroke for another 5 minutes. The sound of her thighs slapping my ass was truly awesome.
My turn. Her in doggy hanging her cheeks off the end of the bed, it was a really nice view. I am thicker than her and she took it like a champ moaning the whole way through. Flip her over with me still standing and I plow her hard and deep with her legs first up, (see pic below) then spread as wide as they would go, then she pulls them back towards her ears to the point where her thighs are almost flat against her body and just have my way with her until my thighs give out before my boner does. She loves cock hard, fast, and deep. The look on her face was worth the price of admission.
Back to me first getting pounded mish with my ass on a pillow in the middle of the bed, then she takes a break because she was close to cumming, then she enters me from behind, my chest flat on the bed, a pillow under my mid section, ass in the air and she just fucks me non stop as hard and as deep as she can go for about 5 minutes until I feel her cock twitching in my ass buried to the hilt where she stays for a minute or so to calm down. She catches her breath and I then feel her cock plop out of my sore gaped ass.
I turn over and she finishes me with a little BBBJ then a HJ with 2 fingers up my ying yang fucking the daylights out of me. It took a while for me to blow my load, so my shot was a great one. All said and done, I take a fast shower and I am out of there in 40 minutes. She is not a clock watcher, nor did she ask or want me to leave before my hour was up, its just when I finish I usually like to leave.
Juliana is a great bottom. She was hard the entire time, but she only has 1 speed for topping, straight in, full speed as deep as she can get it. I would not recommend her for a novice person who wants to be topped, but I would say if you are experienced and are looking to be fucked good, and or a good bottom she is your girl. Although she tops really good, she can only top for short periods of time because she needs to either take a rest, or will cum fast, and once she comes she will not fuck more even though she stays hard, and she did not want me to fuck her after she came.
If I would ever see her again it would be for only a half hour, and I might see her again if the time and place was right. She is a sweet girl who doesn't fuck you around and delivers on what she says. You can't go wrong with her. From head to toe to cock she is exactly like her picture
And yes, your are welcome for this review, and Juliana deserves it since there are very few of her. Please note, for privacy issues my dates of session are never that accurate

un test-drive  que da una idea como es un programa con esta diosa

es una canadiana con origen colombiana, muy feminina y morboza y me pone mucho con sus ojos negros 

 Palabras clave:  shemales canada  shemales toronto  travesti morena  

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